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Like King Leonidas bellowed in the movie, 300“Spartans, prepare for glory!”

Spartan PTI offers a range of fitness training options, which include; Circuit Training sessions that are both addictive and challenging, fitness challenges and corporate team building activities.

We welcome you to Spartan PTI and we encourage you to take advantage of the 1st week free promotion for Circuit Training and your free trial session for Personal Training. Contact us today if you are serious about achieving great health and fitness results.


$22/per week
Circuit Training
Up to 10 classes p/w
Increase Fitness
Build Strength
Drop Kilos!

20 Class Pass

$240/membership card
Circuit Training
No expiry
Increase Fitness
Build Strength
Drop Kilos

1 Hour PT

$66/One-on-one training
Personal Training
Build Strength
Increase Fitness
Manage Nutrition
Reach Personal Goals

Circuit Training Times

    • 17:45
    • 5:45 + 7:00
    • Closed

Contact us for available personal training hours...

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Circuit Training Times

Monday | 17: 45

Tuesday | 5:30

Wednesday | 5:30 + 17:45

Thursday | 5:30

Friday | 5:30

Saturday | 5:45 + 7:00

Sunday Closed

Contact us for available personal training hours...

Why People Choose Us?

No, we take payments fortnightly and we ask that you let us know 2 weeks in advance when cancelling your unlimited membership to ensure we can stop the very next payment.

We’re happy to accommodate you and put your your membership on hold if you are going away for a couple of weeks or more. Again, we ask that you give us as much notice as possible, with a minimum of 2 weeks, to ensure we can make the changes to our billing cycle.

Absolutely not. We want you to come along, enjoy circuit training Spartan style and decide for yourself if you would like to continue training with us. This offer is an obligation free promotion so that you can experience our training sessions.

Yes, training with a buddy is always fun… so bring your friend along so you can share the Spartan session with them.

Yes, all of our trainers have a Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness. They also have various industry training, such a military training backgrounds and more. Our trainers come from all backgrounds but all share the love and commitment to health and fitness and can relate to our diverse client base.

Personal Training

Get In, Get Fit, Get On With Life.

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Corporate Wellness

Healthy Workplace. Happy Workplace.

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OFFICE & GYM: 176 Charters Towers Road, Hermit Park | CIRCUIT CLASS: Annandale State School Basketball Court, Oleander St