What our clients say?

“I cannot begin to explain my gratitude and appreciation for Brad, Anita and all the trainers at Spartan PTI. Joining up with them has been the best decision I have ever made. I’ve never felt so strong and fit but I’ve also never felt so positive about life and I owe it all to the team at Spartan. Not to mention all the great people I’ve met since joining up! Everyone is so supportive and encouraging and it’s just seriously awesome! Spartanette for life!!!”

Stephanie Hickey
Stephanie Hickey Circuit Training

“Seven weeks ago I was lucky to jog to the end of my street without collapsing and gasping for air. I did the 6 week personal training challenge and also took advantage of the free circuit classes that were included. Today I can run up and down every street in my estate (while pushing my 13kg toddler in the pram) plus some. I’m fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been! Words can’t describe what Brad and Spartan PTI have done for me. I no longer see exercise as an evil necessity to achieve results, I yearn for my workouts and love going to circuits. Being a Spartan is not something you do it’s something you live!”

Cindy Brezovnik Personal Training

“Love Spartan and the team. You always get an overall workout and leave feeling fantastic… Brad has done wonders for me in the challenges and I couldn’t ask for a more professional personal trainer. Well done Spartan team and staff – Keep up the GREAT work! Spartanette for life.”

Marissa Nicolson Personal Training

After only 2 weeks at Spartan PTI I noticed I had so much more energy and felt stronger! I am actually happy to get up early in the morning to go because it’s always different and fun! Thank you so much to all the instructors!

Lois Rayner Circuit Training